SOSA Open Standards Products

Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) is a COTS-based open standards initiative that provides reconfigurable, upgradable, and cost-effective embedded computing capabilities in deployed platforms across all major U.S. military branches. Using OpenVPX as its basis, SOSA ensures interoperability, improved subsystem SWaP-C, and rapid technology upgrades.Annapolis Micro Systems was an early adopter of the modular open standards model for COTS product development, and is a dedicated SOSA contributor and member.

Following are our most popular SOSA-aligned products, which are all part of Annapolis' proven VITA 65-compliant WILD100 EcoSystem™ for OpenVPX.

3U VPX SOSA-Aligned Products

These 3U COTS products are all SOSA-aligned and VITA 65-compliant:


6U VPX SOSA-Aligned Products

These 6U COTS products are all SOSA-aligned and VITA 65-compliant:


Also available: SOSA-aligned Clock Cards and Chassis Managers.

We also maintain dozens of high-performance ADC/DAC Cards for mounting to the WILDSTAR Baseboards.

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