FPGA Application Development Team

Annapolis Micro Systems employs a select team of experienced FPGA designers dedicated to helping you solve your real-world processing challenges while minimizing your Time to Market. Our patented Corefire Next Design Suite provides a high-speed solution that gets the application developed in record time, drastically reducing program cost and risk.

The Annapolis management system has been registered by Intertek as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The management system is applicable to the design, development, manufacturing, and applications programming of COTS computing systems for the commercial and military markets.

Annapolis Application Engineers are here to help you in the following ways:

Architect A Custom System Using Our Powerful COTS Products

Annapolis Application Engineers will help you create customized system architectures and determine appropriate hardware configurations using our COTS products. This service is provided for free in order to accelerate your program’s progress and guarantee the best and most efficient system architecture available.

Our process begins with a discussion of feasibility with a member of our Sales Team, and then moves to a roundtable conversation with our lead engineers. We can collaborate with your staff to determine your project’s ideal system architecture and establish its hardware requirements.

Some customers choose to task their own in-house engineers on the design phase. If that option is selected, we can provide training for our CoreFire Next and VHDL Application Development paths. Learn more about our training classes.

Develop FPGA Application and Integrate into a Turn-Key system

Annapolis can also help you with your FPGA Application Development. In these instances, we will work with your team to document the project’s specifications, including its functional needs, schedule, and First Article Test (FAT) requirements.

Depending on the customer’s desire the application may involve passing data around the key data paths and the customer will implement the processing IP later, while in other cases Annapolis will implement the whole application including the processing and GUI as a Turn-Key system.

The effort required to develop the application is then estimated and you are provided with a quote. If agreeable, we contract the project and our Applications Engineers develop the application with the CoreFire Next Design Suite, perform the FAT, and deliver the application. In addition we can provide integration support at the customer site when needed.