OpenVPX Systems

The Annapolis Micro Systems Wild40 EcoSystem for OpenVPX (VITA 65 compliant) is an integrated and agile FPGA system architecture for high-end DSP data acquisition, processing and storage. The Wild40 EcoSystem for OpenVPX revolutionizes the OpenVPX environment – See our 6U EcoSystem and 3U EcoSystem pages to find out how.

NOTE: Annapolis is currently architecting a next-generation 100Gb bandwidth EcoSystem that will debut in 2018. Contact Us to discuss what this increased capacity can do for you.

Annapolis also offers a powerful Wild40 EcoSystem for PCIe.

Wild40 EcoSystem for 6U OpenVPX

The Wild40 EcoSystem for OpenVPX 6U revolutionizes the OpenVPX environment with the addition of backplane 40GbE (FPGA IP included with board purchase) and hot swappable payload and switch cards.



7 Slot 3U Chassis - Isometric Perspective - 2-20-15

Wild40 EcoSystem for 3U OpenVPX

The Wild40 EcoSystem for OpenVPX 3U is designed for applications where the total size and weight of the system must be smaller than 6U, while still delivering the advantages of the Annapolis Wild40 EcoSystem.