FPGA Boards

Annapolis embedded FPGA signal processing boards are engineered for superior performance and maximum bandwidth. Annapolis FPGA cards allow for high speed data acquisition, storage, and processing. Both Intel and Xilinx FPGAs are leveraged to offer the best FPGA technology available and to fit customer preference, design requirements and production schedule.

DEPLOYMENT EXAMPLE: Naval Research Laboratory Case Study

Annapolis is also a leader in SOSA-aligned Baseboards.


6U FPGA Boards
These 6U OpenVPX FPGA boards paired with Annapolis OpenVPX compliant 6U backplanes enable even the most bandwidth intensive applications. They are VITA 65 compliant, 40/100Gb Ethernet enabled, and offer VITA 66/67 connectivity.


Xilinx Kintex UltraScale SRAM OpenVPX 3U FPGA Board3U FPGA Boards
These smaller form factor 3U OpenVPX FPGA boards are small but mighty, and they maintain core advantages of the Annapolis OpenVPX EcoSystem, including hot swappability, and compatibility with high performance WILDSTAR mezzanine cards and Annapolis application development tools.


WILDSTAR Ultra, WILDSTAR A5 and and WILDSTAR 7 PCIe FPGA boards provide PCIe Gen3 8x Connections from each FPGA to an on-board PCIe switch which can support up to a 16x Gen3 motherboard connection.



ws6_amc_component_croppedAMC FPGA Boards
WILDSTAR AMC boards are MicroTCA-compliant.  MicroTCA is a modular standard where many different application architectures can be easily realized. The common elements defined by MicroTCA are capable of interconnecting AdvancedMCs in many interesting ways — all at high efficiency and low cost.