FPGA Boards - PCIe

Annapolis FPGA boards are engineered for superior performance and maximum bandwidth. Both Intel and Xilinx PCIe FPGAs are leveraged to offer the best PCI Express data acquisition and processing cards possible and to fit customer preference, design requirements, and production schedule.

WILDSTAR Ultra, WILDSTAR A5 and and WILDSTAR 7 PCI Express FPGA data acquisition boards provide PCIe Gen3 8x Connections from each FPGA to an on-board PCIe switch which can support up to a 16x Gen3 motherboard connection. They accept standard Annapolis WILDSTAR mezzanine boards and may be optionally populated with three front panel QSFP+ transceivers. Each QSFP transceivers supports four lanes with line rates up to 14.1 Gbps which covers such protocols as 10GbE, 40GbE, QDR Infiniband, OTU3 and OC-768. WILDSTAR 6 FPGA boards support up to an 8x Gen2 interface.