ASIC Design and Analysis

Annapolis Micro Systems offers Full-Custom and Semi-Custom Integrated Circuit Design and Analysis for customers specializing in high reliability applications such as military and aerospace.

Integrated Circuit Design

Annapolis has decades of experience in integrated circuit design, generating customer-designed macrocells or entire internally-developed die across many different process nodes.Integrated Circuit Design

Capabilities include all aspects of the ASIC design flow:

  • Specification
  • Behavioral and RTL coding
  • Transistor-level analog design
  • Gate-level synthesis
  • Place and route
  • Physical verification
  • Testing

Hardware Analysis

Annapolis specializes in performing detailed analysis of electronic hardware and circuit schematics, including advanced integrated circuits.

Software Engineering

Annapolis has a reputation for developing highly-productive Windows applications that incorporate:

  • Image processing
  • Image manipulation
  • Large-scale disk and database access
  • Fast and intuitive GUI design
  • Robust performance


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