Development Tools

We strive to provide the fastest time to market for your application with three different options for your Engineering design flow. CoreFire Next Design SuiteOpen Project Builder, and VHDL Board Support start your application with tested and proven interfaces to all board components. On day one you can show the board and interfaces work without any up-front engineering. This approach allows you to focus on your algorithm and not the low-level details of a complex FPGA based board. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your application is built on a solid foundation of our 30+ years of FPGA knowledge and experience.

DEPLOYMENT EXAMPLE: Naval Research Laboratory Case Study

  • FPGA VHDL Development Tool Example

    Open Project Builder

    The Annapolis Micro Systems Open Project Builder™ provides the efficiency of CoreFire Next™ development with the flexibility of HDL. It integrates the CoreFire environment with Annapolis HDL board support packages.

    Open Project Builder is compatible with Arria 10, UltraScale/UltraScale+, and Stratix 10 boards.

  • CoreFire Next

    The CoreFire Next™ Design Suite is a dataflow-based development system that brings new levels of ease and speed to FPGA programming on Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. high-performance motherboards, I/O cards, and mezzanine cards.

    CoreFire Next is compatible with all Annapolis Virtex™ 7 and Intel Stratix® V FPGA processor and I/O boards.

  • VHDL

    The VHDL Board Support is a complete design suite including all board level interfaces, simulation models and examples with host code. The examples show functionality of all board level interfaces out of the box.