CoreFire Next

The CoreFire Next™ Design Suite is a dataflow-based development system that brings new levels of ease and speed to FPGA programming on Annapolis Micro Systems high-performance motherboards, I/O cards, and mezzanine cards.

CoreFire Next users have the capability to use FPGA IP from multiple sources, including High-Level Synthesis (HLS), other HDL, etc. It can also port IP to/from other hardware platforms. It uses standard Avalon and AXI IP interfaces. CoreFire Next also provides fast portability of applications between Intel and AMD-Xilinx and to newer FPGA families.

The CoreFire Next environment supplies user-made connections between ready-made programming modules, or cores, and manages multiple domain requirements automatically. CoreFire Next eliminates the need for hardware design languages: the user simply creates dataflow diagrams by dragging and dropping cores, or building blocks, from the libraries, and connecting their ports. Cores automatically work together to handle synchronization, manage clocks and other low level hardware signals, and guarantee correct control by design. CoreFire Next allows standard data types (see Data Types and Values) and supports data type propagation, where modifying a data type will automatically propagate through the rest of the CoreFire Next design. As a result, CoreFire Next allows the user to program and debug complex FPGA designs at a high level of proficiency.

CoreFire Next’s drag-and-drop method of building designs allows for ease of use, which helps make the tool easy to learn. CoreFire Next presents the user with a simple way of visualizing designs, rather than extensive and confusing code. Because of this, the user does not have to be a skilled or experienced digital hardware designer. Designers of many different disciplines can use CoreFire Next to create applications.

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Watch a short CoreFire Next demonstration:


  • GUI-based Board Support Package for Annapolis WILDSTAR Boards
  • Works from high level, data flow concept of the application
  • Intelligent Board Support Generation Wizard for HDL Users
  • Combines GUI Design Entry and Debug Tools with tested, optimized CoreFire Next IP Cores
  • Drag and drop High and Low Level Modules
  • Modules incorporate years of Application Development experience
  • Tools and Modules are intelligent
  • Modules automatically handle synchronization
  • Manage Clocks and other low level hardware signals
  • Guarantee correct control by Design Modules’ “Know How” to interact with each other
  • Board Support Packages incorporate hardware details of the boards, which is invisible to users
  • Supports multiple data types – Bit, Signed and Unsigned Integers Single Precision Floating Point, Integer and Floating Point Complex Data Types and Array Types.
  • Integrates with MATLAB™ Simulation Flow


  • Provides the efficiency of GUI-based development with the flexibility of HDL
  • Extremely efficient FPGA application development using Annapolis Board Support Packages
  • Ability to port IP to/from other platforms
  • Standard Avalon and AXI IP interfaces
  • Fast portability of Application between Intel and Xilinx and to newer FPGA families
  • Ability to use FPGA IP from other sources (High-Level Synthesis, other HDL, etc.)

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