RFSoC Products

At Annapolis Micro Systems, we have taken a pioneering approach to delivering powerful RFSoC functionality. Our WILD FMC+ RFSoC Cards are compact modular solutions that operate standalone or – for the most processing-intensive applications – pair with a WILDSTAR 3U or 6U VPX Baseboard.

The concept behind our RFSoC Cards is simple: to provide full RFSoC functionality in a small, flexible package that has solved the most demanding circuitry, signal integrity, and packaging challenges.

Superior hardware design is coupled with the industry's leading Board Support Package (see below).

These Cards are turnkey solutions ready for immediate deployment within any standard OpenVPX or PCIe system, or within Annapolis’ proven 100Gb Ethernet WILD100™ EcoSystem. They are also compatible with SOSA™-aligned Boards and Systems.

Part #RFSoCADC/DAC ChannelsMax Sample Rate (MSps)Resolution
WWGM61Gen 1/32/85,000/10,00014/14
WWGM62Gen 1/38/25,000/10,00014/14
WWGM63Gen 1/34/45,000/10,00014/14


Annapolis also manufactures 3U Baseboards that combine Gen 3 RFSoCs with 100Gb Ethernet and SOSA-alignment.

Part #RFSoCADC/DAC ChannelsMax Sample Rate (MSps)ResolutionOpen Standards
WB3XR0Gen 3 (2X)4/4 or 8/05,000/10,00014/14VITA 65 VITA 67
WB3XR2Gen 3 (2X)8/85,000/10,00014/14SOSA VITA 65 VITA 67

RFSoC Combines Multiple Elements into One Powerful Chip

Xilinx’s Zynq® UltraScale+™ RF System-on-Chip (RFSoC) combines multiple elements that were formerly discrete operations.

In defense and military applications like comms, reconnaissance, and radar, Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) considerations are crucial. Applications like UAVs, backpacks, handheld devices, and custom-integrated applications are increasingly subject to smaller spaces and power sources. 

Size: RFSoC's high level of integration provides a significant amount of size reduction when compared to designing the same functionality with separate components. The dense RFSoC implementation can save 50% in overall size compared to the discrete approach. 

Weight: While RFSoC reduces weight at the component level, it saves even more on cooling. With each watt of power in a system comes the weight of a cooling solution, either in heatsinks or in more exotic solutions like liquid cooling. 

Power: RFSoC can easily bring power savings of 30% to 40% or more compared to typical discrete solutions. A key reason for the reduced power is the elimination of the interfaces needed to connect the various ICs in a discrete solution. By integrating the converters directly into the FPGA, the serial interfaces are eliminated as well as data transfer latency. 

Cost: The cost benefit of integrating multiple functions into a single chip is significant – typically a 50% or better savings. Savings are especially evident where many channels of A/Ds and D/As are required, like phased array radar.

Software and IP Design

Each WILD RFSoC Card is shipped with the industry's leading Board Support Package, allowing for ease of use and faster design cycles.

The BSP reduces complexity of RFSoC use while keeping the design open to allow for any manipulations the end user desires. Fully open design structure with out-of-the-box examples allows for quick-start designs and ease of adjustment to fit end user program's needs, including:
  • ADC and DAC examples demonstrate data collection/generation
  • Exposed ADC and DAC build time and run time configuration choices including FS manipulation, mixers, interpolation, decimation, calibration, clocking modes, and more
  • Examples for ingress and egress traffic paths to and from mainboard over mezzanine stack via PCIe, Aurora/HSS, and Ethernet to move high bandwidth ADC and DAC channels through the system
  • Channel-to-channel synchronization including MTS
  • Board-to-board synchronization

The BSP delivers a complete software stack solution on the RFSoC, including Xilinx RFDC API and Annapolis' support APIs running within embedded Petalinux OS.

For Zynq design methodologies provided in-product, the best of both worlds is provided:

  • Top level is VHDL-based providing a sandbox for PL designs for easy import of VHDL modules
  • PS design-related components are accessible and modifiable via Vivado's IP Integrator (IPI) diagram solution

What Can RFSoC-Powered Embedded Computing Do for You?

If you require high-performance RFSoC-enabled data digitization, processing or storage in a compact, rugged environment, these WILD RFSoC Cards are for you. Contact us to have an FAE recommend the best approach for your application.