Direct RF Products

Direct RF sampling is transformative for Signal Acquisition and Signal Processing. Direct RF data converters operate directly at the antenna frequency, reducing latency and eliminating the need for intermediate frequency stages.

Direct RF will also instantaneously tune across a very wide frequency span – from 0.1 to 36 GHz. Now you can directly digitize and process wideband signals, simplifying system architecture and enabling new EW, SIGINT, and spectrum processing capabilities.

Annapolis is now offering the lowest latency and highest bandwidth 64 GSps Direct RF solutions on the market.

Part #Form FactorFPGAADC/DAC ChannelsMax Sample Rate (MSps)ResolutionOpen Standards
WB3AE13U VPXAgilex RF-Series AGRW0148/864,000/64,00010/10SOSA
WWDME1WFMC+ MezzJariet Electra-MA2/264,000/64,00010/10SOSA
WSSAF1Small Form FactorAgilex RF-Series AGRW0144/464,000/64,00010/10VITA 65


These Cards are turnkey solutions ready for deployment within a 3rd party OpenVPX system, or within Annapolis’ proven 100Gb Ethernet WILD100™ EcoSystem.

Superior hardware design is coupled with the industry's leading Board Support Package.

What Can Direct RF-Powered Embedded Computing Do for You?

If you require high-performance Direct RF-enabled data digitization, processing or storage in a compact, rugged environment, these WILDSTAR Cards are for you. Contact us to have an FAE recommend the best approach for your application.