Annapolis Micro Systems offers training to ensure that your team hits the ground running with your FPGA Application Development.

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Introduction to  CoreFire Next Design Suite (3 days)

The Introduction to CoreFire Next Design Suite is a three day course taught by an Annapolis Applications Engineer.  The coursework covers all the ins and outs of the CoreFire Next Design Suite. Your team will master our easy-to-learn dataflow paradigm, our standard Core libraries (including Bit, Math, DSP, and many others), as well as our Board Support Libraries (including Memories [SRAM, DRAM], High Speed Serial, 1/10/40GbE, ADC, DAC, DMA and others).

Because CoreFire Next Design Suite is intuitive and powerful, your engineers will be running a Hello World application on FPGAs within an hour of beginning the course. Instruction is tailored to the needs of your staff and program, so we’re able to leverage examples or pseudo-code relevant to your project and apply the extracted tenets to your instruction. Whether you need team-based or one-on-one time with the instructor, an Annapolis CoreFire Next Design Suite course is the best way to achieve fluency in this unique and dynamic design tool.

Advanced Application Development with CoreFire Next (2 days)

If your team desires additional technical assistance after the completion of the course, we can provide Advanced Application Development services to ensure that your project succeeds.  This usually involves our Annapolis Application Engineers sitting down with your team to define how data should flow through your system from start to finish and to get the major data paths in your system working at full bandwidth.  For instance this might involve getting data from an ADC, buffering in memory, passing to other onboard FPGAs, then FPGAs on other FPGA cards and then to a host or back out a DAC.

Designing with the WILDSTAR VHDL Board Support Package (3 days)

Our Designing with the WILDSTAR™ VHDL Board Support Package (BSP) is taught by one of our FAEs and is aimed at getting your team up and running quickly with our VHDL BSP.  We will tailor the class to your team's needs and cover all of the Board Support Cores available with our VHDL BSP.  These cores include things like Memories [SRAM, DRAM], High Speed Serial, 1/10/40GbE, ADC, DAC, DMA and others.

If you lack the necessary internal resources, consider our Application Development Team.