Real-World Deployed SIGINT

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060406-N-3390-005Released by Jeannie Kitchens PAO NAVSTA, Everett

Real-World Deployed EW

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High Performance SATCOM

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Leading USA-Based Manufacturer of FPGA COTS Products

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Leading USA-Based Manufacturer of FPGA COTS Products

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Ultra Low Latency DRFM Solutions

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Why We Are the Leaders in COTS FPGA-Based High Performance Computing

EcoSystem Architecture

The Wild40 family of EcoSystems, with plug-n-play COTS boards, have the densest FPGA processing and highest bandwidths available in the industry. This allows Annapolis customers to input, process, move around and output much more data than ever before. These features turn the previously impossible into reality in applications such as Network Processing, RADAR, SIGINT, and ELINT.

Application Design

Annapolis Micro Systems employs a select team of experienced FPGA designers dedicated to helping you solve your real-world processing challenges while minimizing your Time to Market. Our patented Corefire Next Design Suite and Open Project Builder provide high-speed solutions that get the application developed in record time, drastically reducing program cost and risk.

Service & Support

Annapolis prides itself on providing unequaled customer service and support to ensure that you achieve your technical and programmatic goals. Whether it is working with you to architect the ideal system using our standard COTS products, customizing our products to suit your particular needs, or providing post-sales expert customer support, we are with you every step of the way. We succeed when our customers succeed.

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  • Synthetic Aperture Radar

    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is a process used to create images of objects and landscapes, typically from a moving airborne platform. By covering a large aerial distance a SAR device is able to produce a large synthetic antenna aperture and produce high resolution images with relatively small physical antennas. A typical SAR block diagram is […]

  • SW Defined Radio

    Software-Defined-Radio (SDR) is a communication system in which radio components including mixers, filters, modulators/demodulators, and detection circuits are implemented in a programmable medium to provide increased flexibility and capabilities. This is shown in block diagram form below. Figure 1: Software Defined Radio Diagram from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/22/SDR_et_WF.svg An idealized SDR would include several “hard” or fixed components […]


    Signals intelligence, or SIGINT, refers to general information gathering via the interception of signals.  SIGINT encompasses both the interception of communications-based signals (COMINT) and non-communications-based signals (ELINT). A simple but effective SIGINT system can be comprised of just a few components, including an Antenna, RF Front-End Hardware, an ADC for digitization, and storage for the […]

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