WILDSTAR SAF1 Small Form Factor Module – WSSAF1

The WILDSTAR SAF1 Small Form Factor Module is a SWaP-optimized Direct RF module that delivers high-performance processing and four channels each of 64 GSps A/D and D/A converting at 10-bit resolution.

This is the lowest latency and highest bandwidth 64 GS/s small form factor solution on the market.

Want the same Agilex Direct RF capability in a 3U VPX form factor? See the WILDSTAR 3AE1 3U OpenVPX Board.

This module may be deployed as a single standalone unit for edge applications close to the sensor and in other tight envelope man-packable environments, or dual-mounted on a 3U OpenVPX Baseboard for processing-intensive applications.

The SAF1 is designed to mate with modular RF and digital I/O cards. See the datasheet for options.

Annapolis’ powerful BSP options include 40/100GbE IP and Linux support.

Review other OpenVPX and SOSA™-aligned boards.

General Features

  • WMSAF1 includes one Intel Agilex Direct RF-Series AGRW014 FPGA (Other configurations also available – contact factory for part number options)
    • 1,437 Logic Elements
    • 9,020 18×19 Multipliers
    • 190 Mb Embedded Memory
    • Quad Core ARM
    • 58G PAM-4, 32G NRZ XCVR
  • WISM00 RF Card provides analog front-end personalization
  • Optional WISD00 Digital Card provides back-end personalization via optical or copper connections

On-Board Features

  • 32G Bytes eMMC NAND Drive
  • 10 GBase-T Ethernet
  • 1 GBase-T Ethernet
  • On-Board PLL/VCO Sample Clock
  • Internal or External Reference Clock
  • Two RS232 UARTs
  • 8 Expansion GPIO (LVCMOS)
  • One RS422 GPIO Port
  • JTAG Port


  • ADC
    • Channels: 4
    • Sample Rate: 64GSps
    • Resolution: 10 bit
  • DAC
    • Channels: 4
    • Sample Rate: 64GSps
    • Resolution: 10 bit

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Available with 85°C ambient air temperature or card edge support and -55°C power-on
  • Available with -65°C to 105°C storage temperature

Application Development

  • Full Board Support Package for Fast and Easy Application Development
  • VHDL flow supports High-Level Synthesis (HLS)

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