Up to three Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGAs per board with FPGA sizes up to LX550T or SX475T. They are available with up to 7 GBytes DDR2 DRAM for 22.4 GB/s and up to 448 MBytes DDRII+ or QDRII SRAM for 25.2 GB/s. Up to 1.6 million logic cells and 2.7 million multiplier bits per board.

High Performance Xilinx Virtex 6 PCIe FPGA Processing Board

These FPGA boards include 3 Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGAs with up to 36 High Speed Serial connections performing up to 6.5 Gbps. The Compute Processing Element (CPE) FPGA has a choice of QDRII SRAM, DDRII+ SRAM or DDR2 DRAM. The CPE DRAM option has up to six 32-bit DRAM ports clocked at up to 400 MHz while the SRAM option has up to six 36-bit SRAM interfaces clocked up to 200 MHz. The IO Processing Element (IOPE) FPGA also has a choice of QDRII SRAM, DDRII+ SRAM or DDR2 DRAM. The IOPE DRAM option has four 32-bit DRAM ports clocked at up to 400 MHz while the SRAM option has four 36-bit SRAM interfaces clocked up to 200 MHz.

A host computer can communicate with the WILDSTAR™ 6 for PCIe board via the PCI Express interface, which in turn communicates with the board’s PCI controller. The WILDSTAR 6 for PCIe controller has access to the PEs using the Local Address Data (LAD) bus. The host also has direct register access and communication with PEs over the LAD bus.

If IO is required, Annapolis offers extraordinary density, bandwidth and analog conversion choices. Each PCIe card has 1 mezzanine IO sites which can support up to 2 WILDSTAR Mezzanine cards as well as a QSFP+ option (on WS7 and WS A5 board) that allows for 3 QSFP+ transceivers per slot. These options can be mix and matched to meet customer needs. Some configurations utilize a second slot (for example the QSFP+ option and WILDSTAR Mezzanine card used in a single IO Site).

There is also an optional IRIG-B module, which occupies it’s own slot and provides a connector to access LVDS FPGA signals as well as an SMA for the IRIG-B input.

Virtex™-6 FPGAs contain two platforms: LXT and SXT. Virtex™-6 LXT offers high-performance logic applications solutions. LXT has the highest logic-to-feature ratio and the highest I/O-to-feature ratio. Virtex™-6 SXT is a high–performance solution for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications. SXT has the highest DSP-to-feature ratio and the highest memory-to-feature ratio.

To ensure safe and reliable processing, WILDSTAR 7 for PCIe boards come equipped with a proactive thermal management system. Sensors across the board monitor power and temperature, with automatic shutdown capability to prevent excessive heat buildup. WILDSTAR 7 for PCIe boards are built with a rugged, durable design.

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  • Up to 3 VirtexTM 6 FPGA Processing Elements
    • XC6VLX240T, LX365T, LX550T, SX315T, SX475T
  • Up to 7 GBytes DDR2 DRAM in 14 Memory Banks per Board or
  • Up to 480 GBytes DDRII+ or QDRII SRAM in 15 Banks per Board
  • Programmable FLASH to Store FPGA Images
  • 8X PCI Express Gen1 or Gen2
  • Supports PCI Express Standard External Power Connector
  • High Speed DMA Multi-Channel PCI Controller
  • Host Software : Windows, Linux – API & Device Drivers
  • Full CoreFireTM Board Support Package for Fast, Easy Application Development
  • VHDL Model including Source Code for Hardware Interfaces, including ChipScope Access
  • Also Available in Industrial Temperature Grades


  • Reduce Risk With Our 15th Generation of COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) FPGA-Based Processing Boards
  • Save Time and Effort – Develop Your Application Very Quickly and Easily with CoreFire™
  • CoreFire™ Provides Proven, Reusable, High Performance IP Modules, Including Some of the World’s Fastest FFTs and Filters
  • Standardize and Control Your Team’s Development
  • Achieve World Class Performance
  • WILD™ Solutions Outperform the Competition
  • WILDSTAR™ 6 for PCI-E with 1 I/O Card Fits in Single PCI Slot – 2nd I/O Card Uses 2nd Slot
  • Accepts 1 or 2 COTS Highspeed WILDSTAR™ Mezzanine Cards
  • Training Classes and Application Support
  • Integrated Heat Sink with Fans

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