WILD Storage G2 for 3U OpenVPX – 17 TB/Slot – WB3SN0

When Storage capability is needed, Annapolis offers the highest depth and bandwidth 3U OpenVPX storage solutions on the market, with up to 17 TB of capacity and 5-7 GB/s bandwidth in a single 3U slot. It features a removable hot-swappable canister with a connector rated for 10,000+ mating cycles. The WILD Data Storage Solution comes with software configuration to support NVM Express (NVMe) over PCI Express (PCIe) and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).

Annapolis Storage Solutions are optimized for SIGINT, ELINT, EW, or other high-bandwidth storage applications.

The 3U WILD Data Storage Solution is comprised of two pieces fitting in a single 3U OpenVPX slot: a “Storage Canister” which holds SSD, and the “Storage Carrier” that plugs into the VPX backplane and holds the disk canister.

The Storage Solution is specifically designed to support 10,000+ insertion cycles of the disk canister for frequent drive removal. Both the canister and the entire assembly (Storage Canister + Storage Carrier) are also hot swappable for minimum system downtime and highest reliability.

To ensure safe and reliable processing, WILD Data Storage Solution boards come equipped with a proactive thermal management system. Sensors throughout the system monitor power and temperature, with automatic shutdown capability to prevent excessive heat buildup. WILD Data Storage Solution boards are built with a rugged, durable design. Sensors can be accessed with a chassis manager (ChMC).

General Features

  • 8.4GB or 16.9TB Storage Depth and 5-7 GB/s Bandwidth in a single 1” 3U slot
  • Hot-swappable Drive Canister with 10,000 Insertion Cycles & Hot Swappable Carrier (exclusive to WILDSTAR OpenVPX EcoSystem)
    • Canister can be removed without disrupting backplane PCIe daisy chaining
  • Scalable Depth and Bandwidth using multiple Storage Cards

Backplane I/O

  • Backplane I/O using PCIe
  • Dual 4x PCIe Gen3 backplane interfaces
  • On-board PCIe Gen3 switch
    • Allows daisy chaining of boards without system switch in chassis
  • Up to about 6.4 GB/s storage bandwidth using PCIe
  • Storage using Standard NVMe storage protocol (over PCIe)
    • Annapolis provides NVMe IP for use on Annapolis FPGA cards

System Management

  • 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) Compliant, 1” VITA 48.1 spacing
  • Current, Voltage and Temperature Monitoring Sensors
    • Hot Swappable (exclusive to WILDSTAR OpenVPX EcoSystem)
  • Available for air and conduction cooled environments
  • Front panel status LEDs for drives and PCIe link status
  • Proactive Thermal Management


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