Legacy Mezzanine Cards

Annapolis Micro Systems Mezzanine Cards are designed from the ground up for superior density and performance. All Annapolis ADC/DACs deliver world class performance, allow for synchronization across multiple cards, and can accept external clock and trigger. Some cards also have on-board (internal) clocking options.

Read this WHITE PAPER: WFMC+ Mezzanine Cards for Low Latency and High Bandwidth Solutions

Following are Annapolis’ legacy mezzanine cards. You can find all the latest mezzanine cards here.

Converter TypeMezz Card Type Part Number Number of Channels Sample Rate (MSps) Resolution
ADCWSMezzIOADC16x125m16 1612516
ADCWSMezzIOADCQ500M14I/0 450014
ADCWSMezzIOADCD1.5G12E 2150012
ADCWSMezzIOADCD2.5G10E/0 1/25000/250010
ADCWSMezzIOADCD2.0G12NRF 1/24000/200012
ADCWSMezzIOADCD1.8G12NRF 1/23600/180012
ADCWSMezzIOADCD1.6G12NRF 1/23200/160012
ADCWSMezzIOADCD1.6G12T/0 2160012
ADCWSMezzIOADCD2.7G12T/0 2270012
ADCWSMezzIOADCD4.0G12T/0 2400012
ADC & DACWSMezzIOADCDACD1.5G12EM 2150012/12
ADC & DACWFMC+WWSM201/1400-250010/12
ADC & DACWFMC+WWQM604/66000/1200012/16
ADC & DACWFMC+WWGM604/44000/640012/14
DACWSMezzIODACQ600 460016
DACWSMezzIODACD2.3G14E-2 2230014
DACWSMezzIODACD3.0G12E-2 2300012
DACWSMezzIODACD4.0G-2/0 2400012