WILDSTAR G2 16 Channel 125MSps 16bit ADC Mezzanine Card

This extremely high density JESD204B 16-channel ADC has all channels synchronized across card and ability to synchronize across multiple cards with a high precision trigger. Software selectable internal or external clock.

Compatible with WILDSTAR™ 7 and WILDSTAR A5 mainboards.


  • 16 ADC channels running at 125MSps 16-bits in a very high-density package
  • Capability to have 32 ADC channels in one 6U OpenVPX slot when plugged into WILDSTAR OpenVPX FPGA cards
  • Support for WILDSTAR A5 (Intel Stratix® V) and WILDSTAR 7 (Xilinx Virtex™-7) PCIe and OpenVPX mainboards
  • Firmware and Software for 16 channel data capture interface and clock trigger synchronization provided in CoreFire Next and VHDL source

ADC and Performance

  • Sample Rate: 40 – 125MSps
  • Resolution: 16 Bits
  • Expected Typical ENOB > 12.0 bits
  • Expected Typical Crosstalk Isolation > 80dB

Clock Synchronization

  • Software-selectable external clock input or onboard clock from mainboard FPGA
  • All ADCs on a mezzanine card are synchronized to the same sample
  • All ADCs across multiple mezzanine cards can be synchronized to the same sample using WILDSTAR Clock Distribution Boards
  • Provides capability to configure 320+ ADC channels in one COTS Annapolis 19” OpenVPX Chassis

See all of the Annapolis Mezz Cards.

High-Density, High-Performance Front Panl RF Connector with 18 RF Signals

  • Save integration time with one screw-in cable for 18 RF connections
  • Standard and custom break-out cable solutions
  • 16 Analog Inputs
  • External Clock Input
  • High Precision Trigger Input

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Integrated Heatsink and EMI / Crosstalk Shields
  • All Boards are Rated for Industrial Temperatures
  • Rugged RF connector including screw-in retention

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