WILDSTAR Dual 1.5 GSps 12-Bit ADC Mezzanine Card

This high performance dual channel 1.5GSps ADC with three input bandwidth options, internal sample clock options and internal 10MHz reference clock options.

Compatible with WILDSTAR™ 6 and WILDSTAR A5 mainboards.

Dual Channel 1.5GSps 12-Bit ADC Mezzanine Card
  • 1.5 GHz Maximum Sample Rate
  • 12 Bit A/D conversion with the e2V EV12AS200ZPY
  • Analog input configuration options:
    • Low Band – AC coupled
    • Middle Band – AC coupled
    • Upper Band – AC coupled
  • Five Low-Precision Trigger input options:
    • 1.65V LVPECL
    • 2.5V LVPECL
    • 3.3V LVPECL
    • 2.5V LVCMOS
    • 3.3V LVCMOS

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  • Internal Clock options:
    • 1500 MHz Internal PLL
    • Custom Frequency Internal PLL
  • 10 MHz Reference Clock Options (dynamically selectable):
    • SMA Input
    • Internal TCXO
  • Universal 50 ohm External Clock Input
  • Heat Sink (VPX) or heat sink with fan (PCI) for ADC cooling
  • Motherboard with mezzanine card(s) installed occupies a single VME or PCI slot
  • Full CoreFire Next Board Support package including FFTs, for easy application programming

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