Video FMC+ – WFHV00

This high performance Video FMC+ features up to six 75-ohm Video Outputs via VITA 67. It has optional dual front panel inputs as well as dual 4x HSS backplane connections via VITA 66.

Compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with a FMC slot.

This FMC+ Mezzanine Card is designed for high-performance video applications, with VITA 66 and VITA 67 connectivity.

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  • FMC+ form factor
  • Up to six 75-ohm Video Outputs via VITA 67
    • Up to four 75-ohm SMPTE ST 292/424/2081/2082 Video Outputs
    • Up to two 75-ohm analog Composite (CVBS) Video Outputs
  • Optional SMPTE ST 292/424/2081/2082 front panel inputs
  • Dual 4x High Speed Serial backplane connections via VITA 66


  • Compatible with vendor neutral mainboards with FMC+ slot(s)
  • Compatible with any WILDSTAR™ mainboard with FMC+ slot(s)


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