Quick-Turn OpenVPX Chassis and Backplanes Are Aligned with SOSA and Are 40/100Gb Ethernet Capable

To speed delivery and reduce cost, Annapolis Micro Systems is now manufacturing a variety of ‘Quick-Turn’ WILD100™ 3U and 6U OpenVPX Chassis and Backplanes (WCG000) that are both developed in alignment with the SOSA™ Technical Standard and 40/100Gb Ethernet capable. Adjustable Chassis frames and standard 100GbE Backplanes are what make the cost reduction and short lead times possible.

“This family of chassis frames that we maintain will allow our customers to rapidly get up and running on a 3U or 6U SOSA-aligned platform,” said Noah Donaldson, Annapolis Micro Systems Chief Technology Officer. “This further bolsters our position as the leading one-stop-shop for 100Gb Ethernet VPX products and systems that align with SOSA.”

The front-loading air-cooled Chassis feature up to 16 conduction-cooled slots. Accompanying 100GbE WILD100 Backplanes utilize payload and switch profiles aligned with SOSA:

  • Payload Profile: SLT3-PAY-1F1U1S1S1U1U2F1H-14.6.11-n
  • Payload Profile: SLT3-PAY-1F1F2U1TU1T1U1T-14.2.16
  • Switch Profile: SLT3-SWH-6F1U7U-14.4.14

Payload slots include optional VITA 66.5C and VITA 67.3C connectivity.

Line rates of 25 Gbps on data and expansion planes are via 25/40/100Gb Ethernet, SDR/DDR/QDR/EDR InfiniBand, Gen 3/4 PCI Express, and/or custom protocols.

Also available is an Annapolis-designed and manufactured Chassis Manager (WABGM0). It is secure, aligned with SOSA, VITA 46.11 compliant, and features a Xilinx UltraScale+™ ZU5EG MPSoC.

With SOSA Version 1.0 anticipated to publish in 2021, these Chassis and Backplanes are timed to facilitate the rapid development and testing of boards and systems that are aligned with this super-standard.

Annapolis maintains a full WILD100 EcoSystem of 100GbE products that are aligned with SOSA and proven in the field.

The following 3U OpenVPX products are optimized to operate in any 3U VPX WILD100 System, or are readily integrated into a 3rd party 3U VPX system that is aligned with SOSA.

  • 3U Baseboard: WILDSTAR 3XBP Baseboard (WB3XBP)
  • 3U Baseboard with RFSoC: WILDSTAR 3XR0 Baseboard (WB3XR0)
  • 3U Storage: WILDSTAR 3SN0 Storage (WS3SN0)
  • 3U Switch: WILDSTAR 3E10 Switch (WP3E10)
  • 3U Chassis: WILD100 7-Slot Chassis (WC3170)

The following 6U OpenVPX products are optimized to operate in any 6U VPX WILD100 System, or are readily integrated into a 3rd party 6U VPX system that is aligned with SOSA.

  • 6U Baseboard: WILDSTAR 6XB2 Baseboard (WB6XB2)
  • 6U Baseboard with Integrated I/O: WILDSTAR 6XBU Baseboard (WB6XBU)
  • 6U Storage: WILDSTAR 6SN0 Storage (WS6SN0)
  • 6U Switch: WILDSTAR 6E10 Switch (WP6E10)
  • 6U Chassis: WILD100 16-Slot Chassis (WC60G0)

Annapolis high-performance products are designed for advanced HPC, ISR, and multi-function EW applications, including phased array radar, cybersecurity network processing, DRFM, beamforming, sensor processing, wireless communication, and radar signal processing.