Annapolis Micro Systems Announces 20th Product Developed in Alignment with SOSA™ Technical Standard 1.0

Annapolis Micro Systems is now offering twenty 3U and 6U VPX products that align with SOSA Technical Standard 1.0. It may be the largest single-company portfolio of products aligned with SOSA 1.0.

Annapolis’ twentieth SOSA product introduction coincides with the long-anticipated official release of the Open Group Sensor Open System Architecture (SOSA) Consortium Technical Standard for SOSA Reference Architecture, Edition 1.0.

“SOSA 1.0 just issued, but we’ve been contributing to it – and developing 100Gb Ethernet products aligned with it – for years,” said Jay Grandin, Annapolis Micro Systems VP of Product Development, and long-time SOSA technical working group member.

SOSA Technical Standard 1.0 is notable due to its adoption by all three branches (the Tri-Services) of the U.S. DoD, for airborne, subsurface, surface, ground, and space applications. It adheres to an open systems architecture, based on key interfaces and open standards established by industry-government consensus.

“Although there is not yet a SOSA product directory, we think we have more SOSA-aligned products, and a fuller SOSA EcoSystem, than anyone else,” said Noah Donaldson, Annapolis Micro Systems Chief Technology Officer. “It’s due to our early adoption of SOSA and our decades of experience in developing modular open systems products for high-performance embedded computing.”

Annapolis maintains a full WILD100™ EcoSystem of 100GbE products that are SOSA-aligned and proven in the field.

The following 3U OpenVPX products are optimized to operate in any 3U VPX WILD100 System, or are readily integrated into a 3rd party SOSA-aligned 3U VPX system.

3U Baseboard: Five WILDSTAR Baseboards
3U Storage: WILDSTAR 3SN0 Storage
3U Switch: WILDSTAR 3E10 Switch
3U Chassis: Two WILD100 Chassis & Backplanes
3U Kit: WILD100 SOSA Development Kit

The following 6U OpenVPX products are optimized to operate in any 6U VPX WILD100 System, or are readily integrated into a 3rd party SOSA-aligned 6U VPX system.

6U Baseboard: WILDSTAR 6XB2 Baseboard
6U Storage: WILDSTAR 6SN0 Storage
6U Switch: WILDSTAR 6E10 Switch
6U Chassis: WILD100 16-Slot Chassis & Backplane

Suitable for either a 3U or 6U VPX system are Annapolis’ WILD Chassis Managers. They are secure VITA 46.11/SOSA-aligned chassis managers that implement a Xilinx UltraScale+ Zynq and latest Microsemi PolarFire FPGA. Support for MIL-STD-1553 is included.

Annapolis’ powerful BSP options include 40/100GbE IP and both VxWorks 7 and Linux support.

Annapolis high-performance products are designed for advanced HPC, ISR, and multi-function EW applications, including phased array radar, cybersecurity network processing, DRFM, beamforming, sensor processing, wireless communication, and radar signal processing.