WILDSTAR 3SN0 3U OpenVPX Storage – WS3SN0

When Storage capability is needed, Annapolis offers the highest density OpenVPX storage solutions on the market, with up to 16.0 TB of capacity in a single 1” 3U slot, and up to 5 GB/sec read/write bandwidth. This hot-swappable board (10,000 insertion cycles) is 100GbE capable, and is developed in alignment with SOSA™.

Annapolis Storage Solutions are optimized for SIGINT, ELINT, EW, or other high-bandwidth storage applications.

The 3U WILDSTAR Data Storage Solution features up to 16 TB storage depth, and up to 5 GB/sec bandwidth, plus additional depth and bandwidth capacity using multiple Cards.

One Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC ZU7 Motherboard Controller allows stand-alone operation, and supports multiple levels of hardware and software security.

The Board has a rugged design and is available in industrial temperature grades. Optional air, conduction, air-flow-through, and liquid-cooled environments.

High-bandwidth backplane connectivity is enabled by MULTIGIG RT3 interconnects, which deliver 100Gb per Fat Pipe.

The 3SN0 is part of Annapolis’ growing WILD100 EcoSystem™, an interoperable portfolio of rugged high-performance 100Gb VPX COTS boards and systems.


General Features

  • 8.0 / 16.0 TB storage depth in a single 1” 3U slot
  • Data rates up to 5 GB/sec read and write
  • Scalable Depth and Bandwidth using multiple Storage Cards
  • Supports NVMe over Fabrics for Network Attached Storage
  • Supports NFS over RDMA providing for storage network mount service
  • Multiple types of encryption supported
  • Hot Swappable with 10,000 Insertion Cycles (exclusive to WILD OpenVPX EcoSystem)
  • Developed in alignment with SOSA™
  • Options for FIPS 140-2 compliance

One Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC ZU7

  • Motherboard Controller
  • Allows for non-PCIe based interfaces such as 40GbE or user defined protocols
  • Includes 40GbE IP
  • Allows stand-alone operation
  • Processing Subsystem (PS)
    • Quad-core 64-bit ARM® Cortex-A53
    • Dual-core 32-bit Cortex-R5 real-time processor
    • Mali-400 MP2 graphics processing unit
    • One 64-bit, 4 GB DDR4 memory
    • 256Kb user SPI FRAM
  • Programmable Logic (PL)
    • Up to 2928 DSP slices or 1,143,00 logic cells
    • Up to 36Mb of High Bandwidth, Low Latency UltraRAM
    • Gen3 PCIe, 150G Interlaken and 100Gb Ethernet Hard Cores
    • GTH/GTY transceivers operating up to 32.75 Gb/s
    • 256Kb user SPI FRAM
  • 16nm FinFET+ process
  • Board support enabling user customization of ZYNQ+ design
  • Multiple levels of hardware and software security

Backplane I/O

  • Backplane I/O: using PCIe, 40Gb Ethernet
  • Optional VITA 66 optical up to 100GbE
  • Dual 4x PCIe Gen3 backplane interfaces
  • On-board PCIe Gen3 switch
    • Allows daisy chaining of boards without system switch in chassis

System Management

  • 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) Compliant, 1” VITA 48.1 spacing
  • Current, Voltage and Temperature Monitoring Sensors
  • Front panel status LEDs for drives and PCIe link status
  • Proactive Thermal Management

Standard Board Support Package (BSP)

  • 40 Gb Reference Design binary
    • Allows for one full duplex I/O stream to the 4x NVME SSD canister
  • Default I/O Options
    • DP1: TCP/40GbE or TCP/10GbE on lane 0
    • P2A/EP[3:0] (depending on build option): TCP/40GbE or TCP/10GbE on lane 0
  • Alternative I/O Options
    • P2A/EP[3:0] (depending on build option): 10Gbps x4 (40Gb) Aurora

Optional Board Support Package (BSP)

  • HPE HDL reference designs’ source
  • PetaLinux project including all required software source
    • FSBL, Uboot, and corresponding patches
    • Ubuntu 18.04 + Kernel v5.10
    • Driver patches for NVME and PCIe
    • libannapFs1, libwb[X]sn0-rd0, libwb[X]sn0-rd2 source
  • Requires Vivado 2021.1
  • Order separately using P/N S00000-1H
  • Required for front panel RS485/GPIO/I2C usage

Mechanical and Environmental

  • 3U OpenVPX Compliant 1.0″ spacing
  • RT3 backplane connectors for 100G support
  • Integrated Heat Sink and Board Stiffener
  • Available in Industrial Temperature Grades
  • Available for Air, Conduction and Air-Flow-Through environments
  • Only requires +12V and Optionally +3.3VAUX from backplane

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