Rear Transition Module

A Rear Transition Module (RTM) helps bring I/O signals off the backplane. Direct plugging from RTMs offer a higher resistance to shock and vibration compared to a ribbon cable connection style. RTMs facilitate high-speed and general-purpose I/O transfers between WILDSTAR 3U OpenVPX motherboards and other components.

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  • LVDS RTM OpenVPX 3U High Speed Mezzanine Card


    The LVDS RTM For 3U OpenVPX, a member of the WILDSTAR™ /VPX family of high performance Mezzanine Cards, performs high-speed, general-purpose I/O transfers between WILDSTAR /VPX motherboards and other components. The card provides up to 56 single-ended lines and 32 differential LVDS pairs between a WILDSTAR /VPX processing board and an external system.


  • WILD Dual QSFP+ RTM For 3U OpenVPX

    Provides two QSFP+ interfaces and¬†eight differential LVDS pairs between WILDSTAR™ 3U OpenVPX processing board FPGAs and an external system. It also can provide a 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet for the WILDSTAR OpenVPX motherboard processor. In addition, this RTM provides a bi-directional SMA which can accept single ended clock, trigger or IRIG analog signal and drive out an FPGA trigger.