Storage Boards - 3U

WILDSTAR 3U Storage boards are OpenVPX (VITA 65) compliant with 1” VITA 48.1 spacing.

The hot-swappable drive canister provides 10,000 insertion cycles and a hot-swappable carrier, which is exclusive to WILD40 EcoSystem for OpenVPX.

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  • WILD Storage G2 for 3U OpenVPX – 17 TB/Slot – WB3SN0

    When Storage capability is needed, Annapolis offers the highest depth and bandwidth 3U OpenVPX storage solutions on the market, with up to 17 TB of capacity and 5-7 GB/s bandwidth in a single 3U slot. It features a removable hot-swappable canister with a connector rated for 10,000+ mating cycles. The WILD Data Storage Solution comes with software configuration to support NVM Express (NVMe) over PCI Express (PCIe) and RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).

    Annapolis Storage Solutions are optimized for SIGINT, ELINT, EW, or other high-bandwidth storage applications.

  • WILD Storage For 3U OpenVPX – 4 TB/Slot

    WILD Storage for 3U OpenVPX is a revolutionary storage technology with very high memory, storage, and I/O bandwidth capacities. This allows for high-density and high-performance system designs.