Essential Critical Business Hiring Multiple Designers, Engineers, and Assemblers in Annapolis, MD

As an Essential Business with mission-critical commitments, Annapolis Micro Systems (AMS) is hiring now! The Annapolis, Maryland company is seeking multiple Embedded Software Engineers, PCB Designers, Software FPGA Application Engineers, and Assemblers.

Being a small business with multiple lines of work, AMS offers candidates considerable work variety, challenge, and stability. The growing company performs both government and commercial work, and members of its small, tight-knit teams get to wear multiple hats. New hires will work on high-profile programs that have an important bearing on national security and computing technology.

“Despite the coronavirus, Annapolis Micro Systems is deemed an essential critical business for a reason. We are conducting important and meaningful work in order to make mission-critical deliveries,” said General Manager Paul Kowalewski. “We are very proud that AMS is able to continue to work hard and meet commitments in a safe manner.”

Woman-founded in 1982, AMS has a long history of designing and building the highest-performing embedded computing products. AMS offers a professional, friendly environment, with the opportunity to be compensated well for doing cutting-edge work.

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