VITA 91 Solutions

Annapolis is the first embedded computing manufacturer to integrate new high-density VITA 91 connectors into its COTS products. With these HD connectors, SOSA™-aligned VPX Switches and Chassis keep pace with the high speed and bandwidth of the latest high-performance transceivers and FPGAs, including Agilex 9 Direct RF-Series and Versal Premium. These boards and systems are ideal for challenging applications including low latency jamming, EW, or radar.

VITA 91 HD connectors allow for a completely switched backplane, so the expansion plane is no longer defined by a fixed backplane PCB, but is now flexible and fully reconfigurable. Chassis and backplanes with two HD switch slots allows for one switch to handle all Data and Control Plane Ethernet, with the second switch dedicated to the expansion plane. The expansion plane supports Dual 100Gb Ethernet, 8x Gen4 PCIe, or 128 LVDS.

The following Chassis, Backplanes, and Chassis Managers are rugged and reliable, and are available for immediate ordering. They include VITA 91 connectivity and are compatible with Annapolis FPGA Boards, Storage Boards, and Clock Cards.

Part #Form FactorSlotsCooling
WC31DH Chassis3U VPX13Air with Conduction Slots
WC34D0 Chassis3U VPX13Liquid with Conduction Slots
WC3B60 Chassis3U VPX6Air with Conduction Slots


Annapolis also manufactures these compatible Switches with VITA 91 connectivity.

Part #Form FactorEthernetGen4 PCIeLVDS
WP3E20 Switch3U VPXUp to fourteen 40/100GbE ports
WP3P20 Switch3U VPXUp to 64 lanesUp to 128
WP3H20 Switch3U VPXUp to 32 lanesUp to 32 lanesUp to 64


What Can VITA 91-Enabled Embedded Computing Do for You?

If you require high-performance data digitization, processing or storage in a compact, rugged environment, these high density Annapolis Switches and Chassis are for you. Contact us to have an FAE recommend the best approach for your application.