Test Engineer Co-op

Our high performance computing products enable technology that leads the industry. Our products are very high performance computer processing boards, analog to digital and digital to analog I/O cards, switches, storage boards and chassis. Test Engineers are responsible for creating and executing the test procedure for all products produced by manufacturing. If any defect should arise, the Test Engineer will be responsible for efficiently debugging the problem, working with manufacturing to correct the defect, and retesting the product. This process continues until the product passes all tests. After the product has been successfully retested, it will be prepared for shipping. The Test Engineer will provide pertinent feedback to manufacturing, software, and hardware engineering in order for continuous improvement of the production process. Production test is the last step prior to the packaging and shipping of the final product, and therefore accuracy and timeliness are essential.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create, update, maintain, and execute test procedures
  • Work closely with hardware and test software
  • Problem Solve/Debug/Troubleshoot
  • Coordinate rework for defective boards and parts with manufacturing
  • Maintain all records, and documentation related to Production workflow
  • Continuous improvement of production process with manufacturing, software, and hardware engineering
  • Repair test equipment and troubleshoot if necessary
  • Follow all proper safety and ESD