Process Engineer Co-op

Our production team is a close-knit group of professionals who are upbeat, talented and extremely proud of their work and the cutting-edge products they produce. We use state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and inspection equipment to assemble our own high quality, world-class printed circuit cards.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Program and Operate all SMT equipment, including Jet Printer and Pick and Place Machine, to place components according to IPC A 610 Class III standards and inspect using AOI, SPI, and X-ray Machines
  • Program and Operate Convection Oven, as well as develop Oven Profiles
  • Inspect printing and component placement and ensure proper corrections are acknowledged/performed
  • Responsible for working with Design Engineers to improve manufacturability
  • Responsible for Continuous Product Manufacturability Improvements including Corrective Action and Six-Sigma and/or other problem solving methodologies in a manufacturing environment
  • Write, Evaluate and Control process control production procedures for SMT Design to ISO 9001:2015 specifications
  • Prepare Assembly Documentation, as well as Maintain Assembly Libraries
  • When needed, perform all routine maintenance necessary for all of the SMT equipment