Senior Software Engineer

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. is seeking an intelligent, versatile software developer to work in a team that identifies customer problems and creates high-performance software solutions. Our team has built a reputation for products that incorporate image processing, image manipulation, large-scale disk and database access, fast and intuitive GUI design, and robust performance into highly productive applications. You will be an integral part of the team, designing, implementing, and supporting client applications and services that enhance the efficiency of the system and the end-user.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, test, deploy, and maintain software products
  • Design and test Device Drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Design and test API, User Examples
  • Design interfaces to complicated ASICs
  • Design and test VxWorks BSPs and Applications
  • Embedded development and deploying operating systems on our products
  • Interpreting Hardware Schematic Diagrams
  • Design Object-Oriented Software Architectures
  • Capture requirements by interacting with customers
  • Automate build, test, and deployment of software products
  • Provide customer support of software products
  • Manage software releases


  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science
  • Has received, or are willing to receive, the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Languages: C/C++, Java
  • Compilers: GCC, Microsoft Visual Studio,
  • Platforms: Linux, VxWorks, Windows, AIX
  • Tools: Make, PetaLinux, Subversion, Python, Perl, Eclipse
  • Sound understanding of Object-Oriented Principles and Design
  • Experience with real-time embedded environments (RTOS): VxWorks
  • Strong communication skills both internal and customer-facing


  • Considered an expert in writing Device Drivers for supported operating systems:
    • Linux (ARM, PPC, and x86 architectures)
    • Windows
  • In-depth knowledge of supported Operating Systems and Hardware architectures
  • IPMC and Chassis Manager (ChMC) development:
    • VITA 46.11 compliance
    • SOSA alignment
    • IPMI Tier 1 and 2 support
  • Experience with Ethernet Protocols (Layer 2 and 3):
    • Marvell, Mellanox
    • SwitchDev
    • OpenFlow
  • High-speed networks:
    • 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet
    • PCIe Gen 3 and Gen 4
    • NVME and NVMEoF
    • RDMA over Ethernet (RoCE and NFS over RDMA)
  • Debugging of Embedded Hardware and Software
  • Experience Developing Portable, Embedded, and High-Performance Software
    • Interrupt Handlers
    • MT Applications
    • High-Performance DMA
  • Understanding of issues from technical and business points of view