Annapolis Micro Systems Introduces Highest-Performing FPGA Boards with Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Controllers


Annapolis Micro Systems, a leading FPGA board and systems supplier, announced today the debut of four high-performance FPGA boards that integrate a powerful Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC (Zync+) controller. The quad-core ARM’s higher performance eliminates the need for a separate Single Board Computer (SBC) in many digital signal processing systems.

The Zynq+ features a 64-bit quad-core ARM® Cortex-A53 running up to 1.3 GHz, plus a dual-core 32-bit Cortex-R5 real-time processor running up to 533 MHz. This is a significant upgrade from the Zync-7000 SoC, which housed a 32-bit dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 running up to 766 MHz.

The Zynq+ memory bandwidth also surges, with DDR4 DRAM now running up to 1200 MHz.

In addition to higher performance, the Zynq+ is Xilinx’s most secure solution – it has multiple levels of hardware and software security.

The four new Annapolis boards with Zynq+ are spread across three form factors – 6U OpenVPX, 3U OpenVPX, and PCIe – and are available in air or conduction-cooled configurations.

For each 6U OpenVPX COTS board, customers have two Zynq+ options: XCZU9EG or XCZU15EG. The ZU9 has 600K logic cells and 2,520 DSP slices; the ZU15 has 747K logic cells and 3,528 DSP slices. Each includes 4 HSS lines running up to 16Gbps to the other Kintex® UltraScale™ or Virtex® UltraScale+™ FPGAs, as well as two 10Gbps-capable HSS lines to the backplane for off-board communication with protocols such as 10GbE. For detailed specifications, visit these product pages:


The 3U OpenVPX and PCIe boards utilize the same controller: XCZU3EG. It has 154K logic cells and 360 DSP slices, and adds a dedicated 4x PCIe Gen2 interface to the FPGA for improved bandwidth. For detailed specifications, visit these product pages:

“Here at Annapolis we pride ourselves on being first to integrate the latest, cutting-edge components into our FPGA boards, all in pursuit of one goal: Delivering the highest-performing COTS boards and systems that have been proven in some of the most challenging environments on earth,” said Noah Donaldson, Annapolis Micro Systems VP of Product Development.

These new motherboards are part of Annapolis’ WILD40 EcoSystem™ for 6U OpenVPX, 3U and PCIe. Other parts of the EcoSystem include: