WILD Clock Module – WABEC1

The WILD Clock Module (WABEC1) is a VITA 65-compatible Clock Module that plugs directly into a backplane. It has a passive SCLK distribution up to 250 MHz, and very low skew and phase noise.

WABEC1 is compatible with W13B20 and W16D31 Backplanes (Note: W16D31 switch slots will not receive clock).

See WABEC0 for a full rate SCLK, and more secondary AUXCLK and REFCLK copies.

Sample Clock Outputs

  • Up to 12, passively split (very low skew and phase noise)
  • Up to 250 MHz

REFCLK (Typically 10-100MHz)

  • 11 primary differential radial REFCLK outputs
  • 1 secondary differential radial REFCLK outputs

AUXCLK (Typically 1PPS)

  • 11 primary differential radial AUXCLK outputs
  • 1 secondary differential radial AUXCLK outputs


  • Runs from backplane 12V
  • Standard: -40 to 85°C Operating & Storage
  • Available: -55 to 85°C Operating & -65 to 105°C Storage
  • Selectable Outputs controlled from the local WABGM0 Chassis Manager via I2C
  • Does not cover any VITA 66/67 openings, allowing for full support

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