Intel’s Altera FPGA Design Solutions Network Qualifies Annapolis Micro Systems as Platinum Partner

Annapolis Micro Systems has been selected as an Intel Platinum Partner for their new Design Solutions Network (DSN).  Platinum Members have the highest level of Altera customer project design and IP/Board/COTS product experience.

The DSN is an elite network of qualified vendors that meet distinct criteria and offer a variety of FPGA boards and embedded systems. This program assists customers in hastening product/program development while minimizing risk.

Through the DSN, Annapolis offers a wide range of design services and Stratix V and Arria 10 boards. These boards include:

Annapolis FPGA boards are engineered for superior performance and maximum bandwidth.  All of these COTS boards are rugged, open, deployable, and offer different cooling options, making them the most cutting-edge Altera-based products on the market.

In addition to Altera FPGA boards, Annapolis also offers complementary Daughter Cards, Switch Boards, Storage Boards, Chassis, RTMs, and Clock Cards.  Other products and services include:

Annapolis also offers Open Project Builder, an innovative FPGA application development tool which provides the extreme efficiency of CoreFire Next development with the flexibility of VHDL. Open Project Builder users have the capability to use FPGA IP from multiple sources and to port IP to/from other hardware platforms.