Annapolis Micro Systems Invests Millions in New In-House SMT Manufacturing

Annapolis, Maryland - October 22, 2014 -Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc (Annapolis) has seen such growth in sales recently that they have chosen to invest heavily in expanding their In-House Surface Mount Manufacturing facility.

The manufacturing line is located in the same facility as Annapolis' Hardware and Software Design groups allowing for extremely close cooperation between Engineering and Manufacturing, incredibly fast time to market and short lead times for deliveries.

The new surface mount manufacturing equipment is specially designed for New Product Introduction which benefits high-mix production and suits Annapolis' wide range of options available on their COTS products.

"The new surface mount equipment will increase our production capability by over 10x while also increasing quality and reliability.  Continuing to manufacture in the US is a benefit to many of our customers given the industry's recent issues with counterfeit parts and engineered backdoors. It also makes sense given that FPGA manufacturers will soon offer solely US manufactured parts.  Keeping our manufacturing in-house as always will also continue to allow us to customize our COTS products for our customers when they desire." said Nancy Dalton, Director of Manufacturing.