WILD100 6-Slot 3U OpenVPX Backplane – WS3511

WILD100 6-Slot 3U OpenVPX Backplane is a rugged 3U Backplane that incorporates slots for up to four Payload Boards, one Switch, and one VITA 62 supply, delivering up to 700W. It is SOSA-aligned and 100GbE-capable.

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Annapolis was the first company to bring 100Gb bandwidth to OpenVPX with our line of COTS backplanes, chassis and payload cards that are fully designed, qualified and tested for 100Gb bandwidths. The WILD100 EcoSystem for OpenVPX chassis includes both switched and mesh backplane architectures and is extensively deployed around the world.


General Features

  • 6 3U OpenVPX Slots
    • 4 Payload
    • 1 Switch
    • 1 VITA 62 Power Supply
  • 25 Gbps Line Rates on Data and Expansion Planes
    • 25/40/100Gb Ethernet
    • SDR/DDR/QDR/EDR Infiniband
    • Gen 3/4 PCI Express
    • Custom protocols up to 25Gbps per lane
  • SOSA Aligned Backplane Profiles
    • Payload Profile: SLT3-PAY-1F1U1S1S1U1U2F1H-14.6.11-n
    • Switch Profile: SLT3-SWH-6F1U7U-14.4.14
  • Integrated JTAG access/control from chassis manager to each slot
    • External JTAG connection with SW selectable multiplexing from each slot
    • Xilinx JTAG over ethernet via chassis manager
  • Supports VITA 66 and VITA 67.3C for payload slots
  • Supports standard 3U VITA 62 Supply or 12V-Heavy VITA 62 Supply
  • Integrated ultra-low skew AUXCLK/REFCLK radial distribution
  • Integrated Optical uplinks from switch
    • Dual 1/10GbE LC interface
    • Single 100GbE MPO interface
  • Rear connectors for chassis manager, per slot JTAG, Maintenance Ports (UARTs) and control
    • Allows for optional backplane accessory interfaces without additional cabling such as WAB600

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Temperature
    • Operating: -40 to +85°C
    • Storage: -55 to +105°C
  • Humidity
    • Operating and Storage: 5 to 95% Noncondensing
  • Shock: 40G per VITA 47 Class OS2
  • Vibration per VITA 47 Class V3:
    • 5 Hz to 100 Hz PSD increasing at 3 dB/octave
    • 100 Hz to 1000 Hz PSD = 0.1 g2/Hz
    • 1000 Hz to 2000 Hz PSD decreasing at 6 dB/octave
  • LED Status Indicators

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