WILD40 Forced-Air, Conduction-Cooled 3U OpenVPX Chassis

The WILD40 Forced-Air, Conduction-Cooled 3U OpenVPX Chassis is an OpenVPX-compatible ATR that incorporates slots for up to four conduction-cooled 3U Annapolis OpenVPX FPGA Modules, one conduction-cooled 3U OpenVPX SBC and one conduction-cooled VITA 62 power supply. Plug-in Module slot spacing is 1″.


The WILD40 Forced-Air, Conduction-Cooled OpenVPX 3U Chassis is equipped with a high performance backplane which is capable of Serial I/O signaling at rates up to 10Gbps on the Data and Expansion Planes. Each FPGA slot Data Plane 1 has a 2x PCIe gen3 connection to the Single Board Computer (SBC).  Multiple 10Gbps capable High Speed Serial (HSS) and LVDS interfaces are provided on the backplane for Inter-board connectivity. For external connectivity there is LVDS from each FPGA card, along with Ethernet, USB and Serial port uplink from the SBC.  Other global signals brought out externally include OpenVPX signals NVMRO and SYSRESET. There is a built in Ethernet switch providing a local 1GbE between the SBC and 4 FPGA slots.

In addition to digital external interfaces, there are 9 RF connections provided where 1 of them is brought to backplane and distributed with OpenVPX radial clocking to each FPGA slot.  This can be used to provide a common reference clock to the clock analog I/O cards populated on the FPGA cards.  The other 8 RF connections are intended for ADC and/or DAC channels on FPGA I/O cards.  The 3rd MIL-38999 connector is for +28V power input and return.

A high velocity, rugged, military-grade fan provides ample cooling for up to 70°C ambient air.

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  • Rugged chassis featuring OpenVPX Backplane with six 3U OpenVPX Slots
    • 6-slot OpenVPX backplane
      • Integrated 1Gb Ethernet switch for internal connectivity of all cards. Can be bridged through SBC for external connectivity
      • Integrated LVDS buffers for enhanced ESD protection
    • Four payload slots (suitable for Annapolis WILDSTAR™ FPGA Cards)
      • LVDS and 10Gbps HSS connectivity on backplane
      • LVDS connections to external circular connector
    • One slot for SBC
      • RJ45, USB, dual RS-232 and GPIO connections to external circular connector
    • One slot for VITA 62 power supply
      • 18-40V DC input with EMI Filtering
      • 500+W output power
    • Other backplane configurations available
  • Nine RF connections via external MIL-DTL-38999 circular connector
    • Eight connections to FPGA I/O Cards
    • One connection for REFCLK to OpenVPX backplane, which is distributed using radial clocking to all cards
  • Chassis supports operation from -40 to 71°C and storage from -45 to 100°C ambient air
  • Rugged high velocity fan for cooling with no external airflow

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