WABGM0 / WABGM2 Breakout Board – WTBGMX

This Breakout Board is a development kit for the WABGM0 or WABGM2 Chassis Manager that exports the interfaces to connectors for use in a test lab or for system integration. It has build options to support all WABGM0/WABGM2 configurations.

The WTBGMX is Annapolis-designed, SOSA™-aligned, and manufactured in USA.

See also: Chassis/Backplanes

The WTBGMX Breakout Board operates as a Development Kit or Production Verification Test Kit with a single build.

General Features

  • Breakout Card for WABGM0 or WABGM2
  • Design and Production Verification Testbed for WABGM0 or WABGM2
  • Supports all variants of WABGM0 and WABGM2 with build options
  • Operates as Development Kit or Production Verification Test kit with single build
  • EEPROM for Card Identification
  • JTAG
    • JTAG connectors for MicroSemi and Xilinx PEs on WAB
    • WABGM0/WABGM2 fans out JTAG to D-sub fanout connector.
    • 4X Outgoing JTAG for payload support
  • Maintenance Ports
    • Aggregated by WABGM0/WABGM2
    • WABGM0/WABGM2 fans out MP to D-sub fanout connector
    • 4X outgoing Maintenance Ports for payload support
  • Utility Plane Management
    • Exports or provides test assets for various Utility Plane Signals
  • Cooling
    • Onboard fan to cool WAB under test
    • WABGM0/WABGM2 distributes PWM outputs/speed inputs to 4 fan connectors

Interface Management

  • Programming Interfaces
    • JTAG (connectors and switches present to select the MicroSemi MPE or the Xilinx HPE)
    • UART console via Micro-DB9 connectors
    • Ethernet via RJ-45
  • High-speed serial interfaces
    • Qty 4 routed to SFP
    • Qty 2 routed to IPass PCIe connector
  • RF Interfaces: routed to RF connectors
  • DS-101 Keyfill interface: routed to U-183 6-pin connector
  • All other interfaces routed to GPIO D-sub connectors
    • Option to route Qty 3 LVDS to DisplayPort connector (requires compatible Rev B WABGM2)
  • Selectable REFCLK/AUXCLK Inputs
    • External single-ended RF inputs
    • Free-running onboard oscillators
  • Powered from a 12VDC wall adapter or 3.3VDC lugs

Included Accessories

  • AC/DC Power Converter (with 12V barrel connector build option)
  • D-sub IO breakout cables
  • Fan connector breakout cables
  • WAB-WTBGMX IO parallel connectors

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