WILDSTAR 8+8 Channel OpenVPX Clock Distribution Board

The WILDSTAR™ 8+8 Channel OpenVPX Clock Distribution Board supplies eight ultra low-skew differential bulkhead mounted clock outputs, eight ultra low-skew and clock-synchronized, single-ended control signals, and has options for eight second slot ultra low-skew differential clock outputs along with eight second slot ultra low-skew and clock-synchronized, single-ended control signals.

COTS 8 Channel OpenVPX Clock Distribution Board

The WILDSTAR 8+8 Channel OpenVPX Clock Distribution Boards high-speed, low-jitter outputs are ideal for distributing a common clock and synchronized control signal to multiple cards in a system. The control signal is used as a trigger to synchronize data capture on several types of A/D and D/A I/O cards available from Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.

The WILDSTAR 8+8 Channel OpenVPX Clock Distribution Board provides the following clock sourcing options for distribution to other cards:

  • Single-ended or differential clock inputs from an external source can be sent into the WILDSTAR 8+8 Channel OpenVPX Clock Distribution Board and forwarded to other loads via the front panel connectors.
  • Two on-board clock sources can generate clock signals and distribute them to other cards via the front panel connectors.

The four control trigger outputs can originate from an external source, be generated by a manual pushbutton on the distribution board front panel, or sourced via the optional P2 serial port. These trigger outputs are synchronized to the distributed clock to provide guaranteed output timing relationships.


  • Provides capability to synchronize up to 16 ADC/DAC WILDSTAR Mezzanine Cards per Clock Distribution Board
  • Cascadable for up to 64 synchronized clocks and triggers
  • Front Panel LED for Board Status (PLL Lock, Over temperature, Power Good, etc)
  • 8 or 16 Clock Outputs
  • 8 or 16 Trigger Outputs
  • SMA Connector input/outputs
  • Supports Clock Frequencies higher than 4GHz
  • Secondary Clocks can be same frequency as Primary Clocks or divided by 2, 4, 8 or 16
  • Synchronization Triggers for Clock Frequencies up to at least 3GHz
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise Distribution (typically 75fs additive jitter)
  • OpenVPX P2 8x PCIe Gen 3 Passthrough

Selectable Clock and Trigger Source

  • Dynamically Selectable
  • Differential External Clock
  • Optionally Up to two PLLs with runtime selectable reference:
    • Internal 10MHz
    • External 10MHz (SMA)
    • REF_CLK (VPX Backplane, 10MHz only)
  • Optionally Up to two Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators
  • Front Panel SMA
  • AUX_CLK (VPX Backplane)
  • SW TRIG (Generated via software call)
  • Front Panel Push Button

System Management

  • Flexible Board Control
    • Backplane IPMI Calls
    • DIP Switches
    • P3 user signaling
  • On-Board current, voltage, and temperature sensors
  • Industrial temperature
  • High Output Swing
    • Typically 800mV Peak-Peak @ 100MHz output
    • Typically 500mV Peak-Peak @ 4GHz output

Mechanical and Environmental

  • System Management (VITA 46.11) compatible MMC
  • 6U OpenVPX (VITA 65) Compliant, 1” VITA 48.1 spacing
  • Supports OpenVPX payload profile: MOD6-PAY-4F1Q2U2T-12.2.1-n
  • Integrated EMI/Crosstalk Shield and Board Stiffener
  • Available in Extended Temperature Grades
  • Air Cooled with Conduction Cooled path
  • Diagnostic monitoring and configuration
  • Current, Voltage and Temperature Monitoring Sensors
  • Hot Swappable (exclusive to WILDSTAR OpenVPX EcoSystem)

Three Output Configuration Options

  • Single Slot – Eight Primary Clocks and Triggers
  • Single Slot – Four Primary + Four Secondary Clocks and Triggers
  • Dual Slot – Eight Primary + Eight Secondary Clocks and Triggers

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