WILD40 6-Slot 6U OpenVPX Chassis

10U Rack mountable, 6-slot OpenVPX chassis with OpenVPX switched topology backplane capable of 10Gbps+ signalling compromising of 1 switch and 5 payload 1" slots. Option of additional secondary 4-slot OpenVPX power-only or 5-slot VME/VXS backplane.

Rugged COTS 6 Slot OpenVPX 6U Chassis

The WILD40™ 6-Slot OpenVPX 6U Chassis is an OpenVPX-compatible chassis capable of accepting up to five 6U tall by 160mm OpenVPX Payload Front Plug-in Modules (FPMs) and one 6U tall by 160mm OpenVPX Switch FPM and up to six 6U tall by 80mm Rear Transition Modules (RTMs). Plug-in Module slot spacing is 1″ except for Slot 6 which can accept Modules that are 2″ wide.

The WILD40 6-Slot OpenVPX 6U Chassis is equipped with a very high performance backplane which is capable of Serial I/O signaling at rates up to 10Gbps on the Data Plane and up to 8Gbps on the Expansion Plane. The Data Plane of the backplane is arranged in a single-star configuration with four Fat Pipe connections from the Switch Slot to each Payload Slot. The Expansion Plane is a chain connecting adjacent slots.

In addition to the Primary Backplane there is also an option for a Secondary 4-Slot VPX Power-Only or 5-slot VME/VXS Backplane. The 4-slot VPX backplane supports four OpenVPX VITA65 slots with a 1″ VITA 48.1 slot spacing. These slots are not connected to each other on the Data or Expansion Planes, instead all of their connections go straight through the backplane to the RTM backplane connectors. These slots are ideally suited for Clock Distribution boards, Tuners or other non-IO intensive FPMs.

The chassis includes a Chassis Monitoring system which displays DC voltages, slot temperatures and fan Revolutions Per Minute (RPMs) on the front panel of the chassis and can be used to set fan speed. The Chassis Monitor can be accessed and controlled remotely via the Serial or Ethernet interfaces.

The card cage is recessed from the front of the chassis so that cabling can be used between Plug-in Modules and be contained within the frame of the chassis.

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