Six Channel 4.0/2.7/1.6GSps 12b ADC + Single Channel 12GSps 16b DAC WFMC+ – WDHM40

This rugged COTS mezzanine is optimized for high-performance operation in Wireless Communication, SATCOM Uplink/Downlink, RADAR, SIGINT, and EW.

Compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with two WFMC+ slots.

The Six Channel 4.0/2.7/1.6GSps 12b ADC + Single Channel 12GSps 16b DAC WFMC+ allows sample rates as high as 4.0GSps and provides six channels of high speed, precision analog-to-digital converter outputs for a compatible motherboard. It provides excellent analog performance with flexible high-precision trigger options.

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  • Six ADC Channels running at up to 4GSps 12-bits each
  • Integrated, Bypassable and Configurable DDC
  • Decimation Factors from 4 to 32 (Complex Baseband Out)
  • Each ADC features an independently controllable digital attenuator with selectability from 0 to 31.5dB in 0.5 dB steps
  • One DAC channel running up to 8GSps 16-bits using 2x NRZ mode
  • Selectable ADC input source: front panel connector or on-board DAC
  • Compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with two WFMC+ slots
  • Firmware and Software for six channel data receive and one channel transmit interfaces and clock trigger synchronization provided in CoreFire Next and VHDL source

ADC Performance

  • Sample Rate: 1.28GSps – 4GSps
  • Resolution: 12 Bits
  • Typical ENOB: 8.8 bits
  • Typical SFDR: 70.6 dBc
  • Analog Bandwidth: Up to 3.2GHz

DAC Performance

  • Sample Rate: 1.28GSps – 4GSps (Analog Devices AD9164)
  • Resolution: 16 Bits
  • Direct RF synthesis at 4GSps
    • Up to 2.5GSps in Baseband Mode
    • Up to 4GSps in 2x Normal Mode
    • 1.5 to 4GSps in Mix Mode
  • Bypassable Interpolation
    • 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x, 16x, 24x

I/O Connectors

  • Optional 50 SMA or VITA 67
    • Eleven I/O Connectors
    • Six Analog Inputs
    • One Analog Output
    • One Differential Clock Input
    • One Trigger Input
    • One Reference Input

Clock Synchronization

  • Software-selectable external clock input or onboard PLL clock
  • All ADCs and DACs across multiple mezzanine cards can be synchronized using WILDSTAR Clock Distribution Boards and select WILDSTAR Backplanes

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Integrated Heatsink and EMI / Crosstalk Shields
  • All Boards are Rated for Industrial Temperatures


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