The KSII DSP WFMC+ provides high-performance digital signal processing along with a rugged design.

Compatible with any WILDSTAR mainboard with a WFMC+ slot.


The KSII DSP WFMC+ provides high-performance digital signal processing along with a rugged design. The KSII DSP WFMC+ is shipped with a custom heatsink which enables proper cooling of the DSP. On-board temperature monitors are also supplied which allows for real-time monitoring.

  • One Texas Instruments 66AK2H14 KeyStone II ARM/DSP
    • CorePac Processors
      • Quad Cortex-A15 processors running at 1400 MHz
      • Eight C66x DSP Cores running at 1200 MHz
    • One 4GB 72-bit DDR3 DRAM port
    • 5 Gbps x4 Serial Rapid IO V2.1 interface to Motherboard FPGA
    • Up to 6.25 Gbps x4 HyperLink interface to Motherboard FPGA
    • 1Gb Ethernet Interface to VPX backplane
    • 1Gb Ethernet Interface to ZYNQ Motherboard Controller (MC)
    • Front Panel USB UART
    • Optional JTAG Debug Connector
    • Choice of 66AK2H14 Rev B DSP devices, to support different lead times:
      • 66AK2H14BXAAW24: Commercial temp, with security accelerator
      • 66AK2H14BAAWA24: Industrial temp, NO security accelerator
      • 66AK2H14BXAAWA24: Industrial temp, with security accelerator
      • 66AK2H14BSAAWA24: Industrial temp, with security accelerator, with high security device with production keys
  • Hardware Coprocessors
    • Four Turbo Decoders
    • Eight Viterbi Decoders
    • Four WCDMA Receive Acceleration Coprocessors
    • WCDMA Transmit Acceleration Coprocessor
    • Six Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Coprocessors
    • Bit Rate Coprocessor
      • WCDMA/HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, LTE, LTE-A, and WiMAX Uplink and Downlink Bit Processing
  • Sixteen Rake/Search Accelerators (RSA) for
    • Chip Rate Processing for WCDMA Rel’99, HSDPA, and HSDPA+
    • Reed-Muller Decoding
  • Pluggable module can be swapped out or upgraded as needed to match future design constraints
    • Pluggable module reduces the risk of development
  • General control of the TI DSP module will be via I2C from the ZYNQ baseboard controller (i.e. reset, power enable, status etc)

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