QPSK Example

These slides discuss a OQPSK Demodulator that Annapolis developed in just 2 weeks using the patented CoreFire Design Suite. This demonstration was developed in 2005 for WILDSTAR-II /VME.

OQPSK Demodulator Using CoreFire ™

In 2011 we ported the OQPSK Demodulator Demo to a WILDSTAR 6 AMC architecture at the request of a customer. The CoreFire port took only 20 minutes and the software was updated and ported from C to Java in 2 hours, after which the demonstration was successfully run on WILDSTAR 6 AMC.

OQPSK Demodulator Port Using CoreFire™

These demonstrations display the incredible synergy achieved between Annapolis WILDSTAR hardware and the patented CoreFire and CoreFire Next Design Suites. Nowhere else will you achieve such amazing productivity.

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