WILD Storage For 3U OpenVPX – 4 TB/Slot

WILD Storage for 3U OpenVPX is a revolutionary storage technology with very high memory, storage, and I/O bandwidth capacities. This allows for high-density and high-performance system designs.

The WILD Storage for OpenVPX 3U is comprised of two pieces fitting in a single 1” OpenVPX slot, the “storage canister” which holds up to 8 M.2 SATA disks, and the “Storage Carrier” that plugs into the VPX backplane and holds the disk canister. The Storage Carrier/Canister is specifically designed to support 10,000+ insertion cycles of the disk canister for frequent drive removal. Both the canister and the entire assembly (Storage Canister + Storage Carrier) are also hot swappable for minimum system down time and highest reliability. This OpenVPX compliant payload card supports up to 10Gbps serial I/O on the VPX backplane.

To ensure safe and reliable processing, WILD Storage for OpenVPX 3U boards come equipped with a proactive thermal management system. Sensors across the board monitor power and temperature, with automatic shutdown capability to prevent excessive heat buildup. WILD Storage for OpenVPX 3U boards are built with a rugged, durable design. Sensors can be accessed with a chassis manager (ChMC).

New heatsinks have been tested with great success on WILD Storage for OpenVPX 3U boards. These larger heatsinks also act as stiffeners for the boards, making them sturdier.

General Features

  • 4 TB of Storage Per Each 3U VITA 65 Compliant OpenVPX Slot
  • Up to 4 GB/s Write and 4 GB/s Read Bandwidth (write bandwidth determined by system environmentals)
  • Scalable Depth and Bandwidth using multiple Storage Cards
  • Hot Swappable Drive Canister with 10,000 Insertion Cycles & Hot Swappable Carrier (exclusive to WILDSTAR OpenVPX EcoSystem)
  • Drive Canister only: 94mm x 61mm x 24mm

Backplane I/O

  • Up to 40Gb Ethernet or QDR Infiniband on each of Four Backplane Fat Pipes for a total of 20GB/s
  • 1Gb Ethernet Connection on P1
  • 8x PCIe Gen 3 pass-thru connections

System Management

  • Client/Server Interface for WILDSTAR FPGA Boards and Linux and Windows-based CPU systems.
  • Extensive System and Drive Diagnostic Monitoring and Configuration over 1 Gb Ethernet via P1 Ethernet
  • Standard Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) to Monitor Current, Voltage and Temperature
  • Front Panel Status LEDs for all Eight SSDs and all Backplane Control and Data Plane Connections

Physical Features

  • 3U OpenVPX (VITA 65) Compliant, 1” VITA 48.1 spacing
  • Supports OpenVPX Payload Profile: MOD3-PAY-2F4F2U-16.2.10-n
  • Integrated Heat Sink
  • Air Cooled with Product Path to Conduction Cooling

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