Hardware Architect

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. is seeking a self-motivated and creative individual to expand our world-class team. We are looking for an engineer willing to learn and grow with our company and who enjoys solving complex challenges with cutting-edge technology. Annapolis offers a friendly collaborative work environment that maximizes individual learning and leverages individual strengths across teams. Our multifaceted high-performance computing products employ FPGA technology at incredibly dense levels enabling performance that leads the industry. We want you to help design and push our current and future products to an even higher level!

Enjoy the benefits of working for a small privately held company with on-site hardware and software design, as well as on-site manufacturing and testing. The close coupling of all aspects of design and production under one roof allows us to create products and systems at a rapid pace while maintaining the highest possible quality. The opportunity to interact with other departments on a daily basis provides a first-rate opportunity to further develop your career as you diversify your experiences.

Our small company environment provides a friendly and exciting atmosphere. We are continually designing new and innovative products, which fosters an extremely fast-paced environment. Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. knows there is no substitute for engineering superiority, and prides itself on creating world-class products.


  • Product Design/Ownership
    • Designing FPGA/CPU Based products in a variety of form factors including 3U/6U VPX and PCIe.
    • Keeping up to date on the latest industry technology and how to apply it
    • Guiding a product from conception to production
    • Providing consistency across products in a given product line
  • Digital Circuit Design including:
    • Xilinx and Intel FPGA schematics
    • Xilinx and Intel Processor Schematics including MPSoC/x86
    • Clock Distribution and Synchronization
    • Low-Speed Serial Protocols such as i2c and SPI
    • High-Speed Serial Protocols such as Ethernet (1GbE, 10GbE, 100GbE, etc.), PCIe, Infiniband, Serial Rapid IO (SRIO), JESD204x
    • Power Supply design
    • Optical Interfaces
    • High-Speed Storage Interfaces
    • Research on new technologies and devices to utilize in Annapolis' Product Line
    • Product Definition, Design, Verification & Validation
  • Assist in Defining Product Requirements
    • Generate Product Specifications
    • Develop Prototype Plans
    • Perform Design Validation of Prototype Circuits as well as new full design in the laboratory
    • Operate in a team environment to develop COTS solutions designed with the end-user in mind
    • Generate documentation to enable our Firmware and Software Teams to produce software to enable and test your design's hardware functionality


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, or equivalent
  • Has received, or are willing to receive, the COVID-19 vaccine
  • 4+ years experience in board or product design
  • Strong understanding of electrical and computer engineering fundamentals
  • Ability to understand and design complex products with knowledge of processor and FPGA functionality and design practices
  • Ability to find creative and novel solutions to high-performance design requirements
  • General familiarity with software and firmware
  • General knowledge of VPX and PCIe systems. Advanced knowledge preferred
  • Strong communication skills
  • U.S. Citizenship